Identity-based networking

Consul uses service identities and traditional networking practices to help organizations securely connect applications running in any environment.

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Key Features

  • Discover Services with Consul
    • Use Consul as a centralized registry that discovers, tracks, and monitors your services. Consul can be your single source of truth for cataloging and maintaining a record of all your services.
  • Control access with Consul API Gateway
    • The API gateway enables external network clients to access applications and services running in a Consul service mesh.
  • Load Balancing with Consul
    • Consul can help bypass manual processes by automating load balancer updates to reflect the latest changes to your services.
  • Enforce Zero Trust Networking with Consul
    • Consul is a core component of the HashiCorp Zero Trust Security solution. Consul enforces Zero Trust by using identity-based access to ensure all communication within the service mesh is authenticated with TLS certificates and encrypted in transit.
  • Multi-Platform Service Mesh with Consul
    • Use Consul service mesh to securely connect applications on any runtime, any cloud, or on-premises environments
  • Observability with Consul
    • Gain insight into service health and performance metrics with built-in visualization directly in the Consul UI or by exporting metrics to a third-party solution.
  • Manage Traffic with Consul
    • Consul offers the ability to manage L4/L7 traffic based on service identity and implement progressive delivery practices like canary deployments or A/B testing.

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