Case Study: Media Streaming Tier 1 Sporting Franchise

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The “Sports Franchise” faced increasing fan frustration due to unreliable live streaming during games. Buffering, latency issues, and occasional outages plagued their platform, negatively impacting fan engagement and potentially costing them valuable revenue.


  • Real-time monitoring: Our 24/7 monitoring system tracked key performance indicators (KPIs) like bitrate, latency, and server load, identifying potential issues before they impacted viewers.
  • AWS Media Link for Direct Delivery on Cloud: Video outputs from cameras are sent directly to Cloud using AWS Media Link hardware device. It supports HD/SDI and HDMI inputs and sends output to Media Live. There are 5 Media link devices deployed per Arena to fulfill requirements.
  • AWS Elemental Live: AWS Elemental Live encoder is a hardware-based Encoder, Video Processor and Packager and is used to create and publish streams to various platforms. It supports inputs like SDI, SMPTE2110, UDP TS, RTMP/SP etc. and can provide streams in formats like HLS, MPEG DASH, RTMP/SP, UDP TS etc. There are two devices installed per Arena in 1+1 configuration.
  • AWS Media Live: AWS Media Live is a cloud-based service for video processing and video compression. It creates streams in different formats like HLS, MPEG DASH, RTMP/SP, UDP TS which can be distributed to various platforms according to compatible packaging. It is also deployed for archiving Live games.
  • AWS S3 for Content Management: Amazon S3 is a storage solution that allows client(s) to store large amounts of data for relatively little cost and is perfect for something like video files, which tend to be quite large. Files (or objects as they are often referred to) are accessed over HTTP, which makes it a great solution for storing (and serving) HLS videos.
  • Subjective Monitoring and Ticketing System: Our monitoring platform included a team of broadcast professionals for confidence monitoring of feeds and ticket management for tracking and updating issues during live streaming.
  • Configuration and Testing: Dedicated engineers deployed to perform Pre-game activities like configuration of resources, starting of resources (AWS Elemental Live, AWS Media services, Encoders and Decoders etc.) using automation system, testing of signals, and coordination with onsite technical/production team.
  • Proactive maintenance: Our team proactively addressed potential issues, such as adjusting bitrates during peak viewership times and optimizing server configurations. Reporting of issues and errors related to Video and Audio occurred during live streaming.
  • Rapid issue resolution: Dedicated engineers were on standby to respond to any critical issues, ensuring swift repair and minimal disruption to the stream.
  • Data-driven insights: We provided detailed reports and analytics, empowering the team to understand audience behavior and optimize their content strategy.
  • Post game activities- A dedicated team was fielded to perform post-game activities and closure of game resources like AWS services, encoders, decoders, monitoring tools etc.


  • Significant reduction in buffering and latency: Viewers experienced a smooth and uninterrupted streaming experience, with buffering incidents reduced by 85%.
  • Improved fan engagement: Increased watch time and positive fan feedback on social media channels.
  • Enhanced brand reputation: The team solidified its position as a leader in providing innovative fan experiences.
  • Increased revenue potential: Improved reliability and engagement opened doors for exploring new monetization opportunities.
  • Reduction in Infrastructure Cost- By deploying AWS service, cost has been reduced by 70 to 80% in comparison to conventional streaming solutions which uses costly hardware-based encoders and decoders for Video processing and video Compression and has extra licensing cost to enhance features. AWS services follow Pay As you Go pricing model to make it less expensive.
  • Improved Redundancy- By transitioning our services to AWS, we gain the ability to implement redundant WAN connections. This has further improved the overall reliability and resilience of our network.
  • Improved Reliability: The overall system has become more reliable and efficient.
  • Reduced Staff Workload: Leveraging AWS freed up staff by 40%, enabling them to focus on new initiatives.
  • Time Saving Solution: Provided solution is time saving in terms of configuring resources, reporting issues, fault recovery and general operations.

Key Takeaways:

  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance are crucial for ensuring seamless live streaming experiences.
  • Data-driven insights can help optimize content and marketing strategies, leading to increased engagement and revenue.
  • Partnering with a managed service provider with expertise in live sports streaming can alleviate operational burdens and maximize success.

GlobalXperts is committed to helping Sports teams and Entertainment Professionals deliver exceptional live streaming experiences that engage fans and drive growth.


GlobalXperts Inc. has a contractual agreement not to expose the end client’s name due to contract stipulations. We can share with you some clues about this Sports Franchise which has 4-7 billion dollars in revenues and well over 1,200 events that are broadcast to their proud fans during their season.

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