“The proper management of your security infrastructure is crucial to protecting your assets”


Properly managing your security infrastructure is critical to meeting the needs of a dynamic business environment and protecting your assets from the evolving threat landscape.

Effectively managing your security systems is a resource intensive effort that requires specialized expertise. Because of these factors, security management can quickly burden your team, taking them away from more strategic activities.

Security must be considered in terms of physical, access, social engineering, storage, prevention, identification, mitigation, forensics, and ISP-to-end point, and devices in between.

GlobalXperts engineers will monitor and take appropriate action for violations based on your enterprise’s security policies and metrics. GlobalXperts can also extend your security team with 24×7 monitoring of your security devices and critical information assets. Cisco-certified security experts analyze and respond to potential incidents and vulnerabilities before damage is done. Our Oracle SBC specialists are available to design and implement thoughtfully crafted Session Border Control solutions and rapidly troubleshoot, isolate and correct the most challenging routing, switching, latency, QoS, and other difficult to find SIP related issues.

Firewall, IDS, and IPS management tailored to your business needs

Security Vulnerability Assessments

Companies have become highly connected on a global basis with the advancement of the Internet. Unified connectivity among manufacturers, dealers, partners, clients, and employees has provided many tangible benefits such as improved productivity, customer satisfaction, and higher ROI. The sheer complexity of seamlessly connecting disparate organizations both internally and externally has made their data more vulnerable to risk.

This added exposure to security risks has caused organizations from SMBs to the Federal Government to re-think their security policies and information security platform. Organizations must secure their networks or bank transactions, HIPPA data, sensitive corporate data, or even top-secret Government data can be lost.

Utilizing best industry practices, GlobalXperts offers vulnerability scanning in executing our security assessments to identify weaknesses in the entire network and provides our customers with unbiased reporting and recommendations for remediation and mitigation. GlobalXperts’ Security Vulnerability Assessments assist companies in identifying vulnerable risks in their internal and external network by methodically scanning the environment with the most current vulnerability signatures.

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