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Are you looking for a powerful and flexible cloud-based contact center solution that can help you improve customer service and streamline your operations? GX Customer Connect maybe the solution for your company!

GX Customer Connect is a cloud-based contact center solution that can help you deliver exceptional customer service, while reducing costs and improving efficiency. With GX Customer Connect, you get a variety of features and benefits, including:

  • Easy setup and configuration, with no hardware or software to install or manage
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing, with no upfront costs or long-term commitments
  • Automatic scalability, with the ability to quickly add or remove agents and phone lines as needed, without any disruption to your service
  • Integrated AI-powered features, such as chatbots and natural language processing, to improve customer self-service and reduce agent workload
  • Advanced analytics and reporting, with real-time and historical data on key performance metrics, to help you optimize your operations and improve customer satisfaction
  • Integration with other AWS services, such as Amazon S3 and Amazon Connect Voice ID, for even greater functionality and flexibility
  • Advanced security and compliance features, such as encryption and compliance certifications, to ensure that your data and customer interactions are always protected

With GX Customer Connect, you can transform the way you interact with your customers, and provide a superior customer experience that sets you apart from your competitors. So why wait? Sign up for GX Customer Connect today, and start delivering exceptional customer service, while reducing costs and improving efficiency!

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GX Customer Connect Features


Omnichannel and self-service

Telephony High-quality audio IVR, chatbots, and contact center automation Web and mobile chat  Omnichannel outbound campaigns Predictive dialer with answering machine detection Omnichannel routing Skills-based routing Task management Caller authentication and fraud risk detection


Analytics and optimization

Self-service flow builder Contact forecasting Capacity planning Scheduling Real-time conversational analytics with sentiment analysis Call summarization Data redaction Evaluation forms and contact scoring Automated chatbot designer Real-time and historical analytics Call recording Partner integrations


Agent productivity

Agent workspace Step-by-step agent guides Contact Control Panel Unified customer profiles Case management Knowledge and agent assist Salesforce Service Cloud Voice powered by Amazon Connect

What is next?

For more detailed information please visit the Amazon website. Click on the link below.

Introducing GX Customer Connect The value proposition for GX Customer Connect, a cloud-based contact center service based on Amazon Web Services (AWS), lies in its ability to provide businesses with a scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solution for customer service and engagement. 

Here are some key aspects of its value proposition: Scalability and Flexibility: GX Customer Connect allows businesses to easily scale their contact center operations up or down based on demand. It eliminates the need for expensive infrastructure investments, as it is a cloud-based service that can be provisioned and deployed quickly. 

This flexibility enables organizations to adapt to changing business needs and seasonal variations in customer support requirements. Seamless Integration: GX Customer Connect integrates seamlessly with other AWS services, such as Amazon S3, Amazon Kinesis, AWS Lambda, and more. 

This integration enables businesses to leverage the broader AWS ecosystem and build powerful contact center solutions with additional capabilities, such as real-time analytics, AI-powered automation, and customer data management. 

Omnichannel Support: GX Customer Connect provides omnichannel capabilities, allowing businesses to engage with customers across multiple channels, including voice, chat, and email. This ensures consistent and personalized customer experiences, regardless of the communication channel used. Agents can handle interactions from different channels within a unified interface, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction. Cost-Effective

Pricing Model: GX Customer Connect offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model, which means businesses only pay for the actual usage of the service. There are no upfront costs or long-term commitments, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. The pricing model is transparent, allowing organizations to optimize costs by efficiently managing their contact center resources. 

AI and Automation Capabilities: GX Customer Connect incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and automation features to enhance customer interactions. Businesses can leverage AWS AI services like Amazon Lex for natural language understanding, Amazon Polly for text-to-speech, and Amazon Transcribe for speech-to-text transcription. These capabilities enable intelligent virtual assistants, sentiment analysis, and automation of routine tasks, resulting in improved agent productivity and reduced customer wait times. 

Global Reach and Reliability: GX Customer Connect operates on the global infrastructure of AWS, ensuring high availability and reliability. It offers geographic redundancy and supports multiple regions, enabling businesses to provide uninterrupted service to customers across different locations. 

The service is designed to handle millions of customer interactions daily, providing a reliable solution for businesses with large-scale contact center operations. Overall, the value proposition of GX Customer Connect lies in its ability to empower businesses with a scalable, flexible, and cost-effective contact center solution that can deliver exceptional customer experiences across multiple channels, integrate with other AWS services, and leverage AI and automation capabilities. Thanks for watching! For more information You can send us an email: info@globalxperts.net

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