Titan GX On-Site Storage

“Store your data with confidence, knowing that it’s safe, secure, and always available” TrueNAS Scale Hyperconverged Storage that Scales Up or Out Integrated Linux containers & VMs Deploy as a Single Node or Cluster Designed for Hybrid Clouds Uses Open ZFS | highest level performing file system in the market place today. IX systems – […]

AWS Snowcone

Overview AWS Snowcone is a small, rugged, and secure device offering edge computing, data storage, and data transfer on-the-go, in austere environment with little or no connectivity. Use Cases Accelerate fleet data collection and analysis Gather IoT data in extreme conditions Improve patient outcomes Expedite content distribution

AWS Snowball

Snowball Overview In the AWS Snow Family console, select your preferred device, either Snowball Edge Compute Optimized or Snowball Edge Storage Optimized. Create a job with an Amazon S3 bucket, select Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) for tracking, and configure options like Amazon EC2 AMIs and a GPU. AWS prepares and ships the device to you, and […]

AWS Snowmobile

AWS Snowmobile Overview AWS Snowmobile moves extremely large amounts of data to AWS. Transfer up to 100 PB per Snowmobile, a 45-foot-long ruggedized shipping container pulled by a semi-trailer truck.

AWS Migration Services

Seamless Migration to the Cloud with AWS Migration Services Overview Plan, migrate, and track applications to assist customers moving data center resources into the cloud. Serves as a rally point for migrations. Access | Mobilize | Modernize – info Graphic AWS Migration Hub How it works AWS Migration Hub provides a central location to collect […]

AWS Volume Gateway

AWS Volume Gateway Overview Volume Gateway presents cloud-backed iSCSI block storage volumes to your on-premises applications. Volume Gateway stores and manages on-premises data in Amazon S3 on your behalf and operates in either cache mode or stored mode. In the cached Volume Gateway mode, your primary data is stored in Amazon S3, while retaining your […]

AWS File Gateway

AWS File Gateway Overview Nearly all enterprises, regardless of industry, have to store files, whether they are backups, media content, or files generated by specialized industry applications. Managing and scaling on-premises infrastructure to provide online storage and distribution of such backup or content files is often burdensome and costly, requiring expensive hardware refreshes, data center […]

AWS Service Catalog

Overview AWS Service Catalog lets you centrally manage deployed IT services, applications, resources, and metadata to achieve consistent governance of your infrastructure as code (IaC) templates. With AWS Service Catalog, you can meet your compliance requirements while making sure your customers can quickly deploy the approved IT services they need.

AWS Control Tower

Overview AWS Control Tower simplifies AWS experiences by orchestrating multiple AWS services on your behalf while maintaining the security and compliance needs of your organization.