Arista Cognitive Wi-Fi Access Points


Wi-Fi has become the primary access mechanism in today’s enterprise networks. Ensuring users have seamless connectivity and smooth application experience requires the Wi-Fi part of the network to work flawlessly. In addition to providing the basic connectivity, it needs to provide actionable intelligence to network administrators for addressing immediate issues and to optimize the network for the ever-changing network conditions.

Arista’s CloudVision CUE provides network administrators the tools required to ensure that the Wi-Fi network is running flawlessly, pre-empt issues that could degrade user experience, test the network on demand and as per pre-defined schedule, and provide actionable insights, in case users do have less than the smooth application experience they expect. Ensuring the optimal function of the deployed Wi-Fi network and achieving the smallest “mean-time-to-resolution” in case of any reported issues are the key goals of CloudVision CUE.

Arista’s CloudVision CUE solution leverages the power of the cloud and the massive data sets available across its customer base to continuously perform supervised and unsupervised learning required to apply AI concepts to decipher Wi-Fi users’ application experience. Arista uses inference models to arrive quickly at the root cause of any poor experience and proactively provides this information to the network administrators along with suggested remediation.


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