Hyper Converged Storage and Compute

“Seamless Integration, Unleashed Efficiency: Empowering Hyperconverged Storage and Compute”

TrueNAS Scale

  • Hyperconverged Storage that Scales Up or Out
  • Integrated Linux containers & VMs
  • Deploy as a Single Node or Cluster
  • Designed for Hybrid Clouds

Use Cases | Remote Backups | Disaster Recovery

This technology is used to meet and exceed the requirements of unlimited off site backups with life cycles enabled with a high degree of availability. 

This on premise virtual server when deployed can place your different storage items onto remote Amazon Backup Services:

  • File Gateway
  • Storage Gateway
  • Volume Gateway
  • Tape Gateway

Additional Gateway Types and Information

AWS File Gateway

AWS File Gateway Overview Nearly all enterprises, regardless of industry, have to store files, whether they are backups, media content, or files generated by specialized

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AWS Migration Services

Seamless Migration to the Cloud with AWS Migration Services Overview Plan, migrate, and track applications to assist customers moving data center resources into the cloud.

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AWS Tape Gateway

AWS Tape Gateway Overview Tape Gateway enables you to replace using physical tapes on premises with virtual tapes in AWS without changing existing backup workflows. Tape

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AWS Volume Gateway

AWS Volume Gateway Overview Volume Gateway presents cloud-backed iSCSI block storage volumes to your on-premises applications. Volume Gateway stores and manages on-premises data in Amazon

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