Dynamics 365 launched in 2016 when Microsoft brought together Dynamics AX, its ERP application and the Dynamics CRM application. Microsoft was one of the first to make a move an offer an integrated solution. Given the dynamic nature of business and the likelihood of unique situations, it is becoming more and more important for software/solution providers to introduce applications that cater to the changing trends. Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive suite of services enabling all in one solutions so that you don’t have to pick and choose from the plethora of options available.


Dynamics 365 Modules and Applications

Customer Insights

This module combines customer data from Microsoft Dynamics 365, Office 365 and third-party data sources, and helps users find actionable insights from that data. The module also includes Power BI for analytics and visualisation of data. Artificial intelligence tools can be used to identify consumer behaviour patterns and trends which can then provide predictive data.

Customer Service

Dynamics 365 offers multi-channel tools for engaging customers, tools for self-service / self-care portals as well as tools for community engagement and support agents.

Field Service

Component of Dynamics 365 primarily used for planning and scheduling resources, managing contracts, inventory, insights into the internet of things-connected products and customer communications tools.

Finance and Operations

In this module, Dynamics 365 offers financial management with all the reporting and analytics tools. It also includes manufacturing tools for project management, production planning, scheduling, cost management; and warehouse and inventory control tools for the supply chain management.


Dynamics 365 links up Dynamics CRM with Adobe Marketing Cloud to provide campaign management and targeted, personalised marketing tools that cater to your unique needs.

Project Service Automation

Automate project planning, resources scheduling, time and cost management, and service analytics in an all-in-one package. Gets you what you need while making management seamless.


Combined business tools, store and employee management, merchandise management and operational insights.


The sales module provides insight into prospective customer sources, personalisation of service and customer engagement data, sales productivity and performance metrics on many platforms such as dynamics magento and dynamics shopify.


Human resource cloud services connected with LinkedIn to manage all aspects of HR. This includes attracting, hiring, and onboarding new employees in managing HR programs.

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