Zero Trust Frame Work – Modern Software Development

Zero Trust Framework Services Why implement zero trust technology? Hashi Corp Inc. has commissioned a study to make a prediction of the total industry losses due theft via data breaches is estimated to be the by 2025 25  Billion dollars.  Zero trust is a framework that assumes a applications security is always at risk to […]

AWS IAM Identity Center

Overview Are you struggling with managing the access and permissions of your AWS resources and applications? Look no further than AWS IAM Identity Center! AWS IAM Identity Center is a powerful and scalable identity and access management service that can help you control and manage access to your AWS resources and applications, with ease and […]

AWS Directory Service

Overview Are you struggling with the complexities of managing your own directory service? Look no further than AWS Directory Services! AWS Directory Services is a reliable and scalable managed directory service that can help you simplify the management of your user identities and authentication, whether you’re on-premises or in the cloud. With AWS Directory Services, […]